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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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madison county. here in the immediate metro, it is dry. 66 winchester and kill piper. fredericksburg, 72, it's 63, very comfortable degrees at the air park in montgomery county in gary paytonersburg. a couple of showers here and there this afternoon. highs in the mid-to possibly upper 70s, average high is 85, a break from the heat, now, but more is coming by the weekend. february week, i'll tell you about that at 6:15. right now, here's angie. >> thank you, howard, rise and shine, dc, maryland and virginia looking good out there. no major accidents or incidents to report. let's show you the outer loop where we are starting to watch volume building between university an georgia avenue. inbound new york avenue, it looks like you your delay is starting to set in as well. this is 66 heading eastbound. we are building volume past route 50.
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as we switch our cameras over, here is inbound new york avenue. 395 heading northbound, below speed right now from duke to seminarian crossing the 14th street bridge where we have the new traffic pattern in place and that's a quick look at traffic. i'll send it back to andrea. >> top of the hour, here's a look at some of the stories happening today. >> governor bob mcdonald is coming to northern virginia. he is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting in fredericksburg. >> it's the 4th in a series of conversations he plans to hold across the commonwealth an jobs and government reform. >> voters in alaska, arizona, andver mon heading to the polls for pry primaries. john mccain goes for another win but first, he has to get
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past jd hayward. >> former president jimmy carter is expected to head to north korea. he is trying to free an american detained in that country since april. no american officials will travel with him. >> residents of an independent living center on enafter an 6- year-old woman was -- 86-year- old woman was raped in her apartment. kristin has the latest on the investigation. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, andrea, as you said, the victim in this case is 86 years old, but get this, montgomery county police said the man accused of raping her is nearly 60 years younger between the ages of 18 and 25. montgomery county police say they were called to the churchill senior living center in german town around 4:15 saturday morning. when they arrived on the scene, they found that a man this broken into the ground floor apartment through an unlocked
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window and proceeded to sexually assault and rape the helpless 6-year-old woman. she was taken to the hospital nonlife-threatening injuries. >> i don't know if he it is for money or he is out of it or a drug adick that -- i'm not going to call him a gentlemen, this human being to come and -- now, i'm thinking about my mother. >> reporter: this is a woman whose mother is he senior center. she said the residents are on edge there. >> to make this story even more crazy is the fact that montgomery county police, two months ago, a 6-year-old woman was sexually assaulted less tan a mile away from where that crime -- saturday's crime took place and now, they are trying to figure out whether or not those two crimes are connected. so really crazy, andrea, the fact that you have two elderly
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women sexually assaulted within less than a mile from each other all within two months, very disturbing story here in montgomery county. we'll have more coming up at 6:30, back to you. >> a dc is on the mend this morning after being shot while working off duty at a home depot in northeast. investigator tell "9 news" now the officer was dealing with an alleged shop lifter, during a scuffle, the officer's gun went off. the bullet hit him in the arm and it appears the suspect was injured when he was grabbed by customers and employees. >> a federal judge is blocking president obama's new regulations for stem cell research. the nonprofit group night life christian adoption said expanding the current research will decrease the number of human embryos available for adoption. the judge blocked the proposed expansion until arguments could be heard in court. supporters say this stalls
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potentially life-saving research. this is not about making abortion safer. it's a procedure and one of the most -- >> abortionists would come to town from out of state, do their business and leave and the women, trying to admit themselves. >> virginia's general assembly has refused to enact similar powers every year since the early 1980s. >> it is time, now for another
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"living smart" report. jessica doyle is here with more problems for toyota. >> reporter: the government is digging deeper into one of toyota's reported safety problems. national highway safety administration is upgrading their investigation into possible steering problems. this is a problem that could impact nearly 1.2 million toyota control la and matrix cars. the investigation involves model years to 05-2007. more than 1,000 complaints have been filed. six reports of crash and fire were among these complaints. >> regulators are trying to make investing in stocks safer. securities exchange suspended trading in 202 stocks all in an effort to weed out some of the smallest and questionable publicly traded companies. the government can suspend stock -- and the company that makes the black berry is having a
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rough ride on wall street. research in motion is trading near a 12-month low. investors are worried that tech consumers only -- it will be interesting to track the stock. >> all right, jessica, thank you. >> drivers in frederick county, beware. if you pass a stopped school bus, you are being watched. frederick county public schools has invested in a camera system to record vehicles that don't stop. officials say the information is sent to law enforcement and violators will now receive letter. the district would like to see offenders fined, but a bill to fine drivers never made it out of committee last year. >> this was a bill thats was new on the heels of the red light intersection cameras and i think there is a feeling they
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didn't need another civil violation. >> when something hits someone's pocket book, it makes them totally aware. >> the distribute is trying to have fines issued for sigh violators. right now, the open way a driver can get a ticket is a witness them driving through the bus stop sign. >> 62-mile, nine day long backup in china. but first, at 60:00, here's howard with a look at the maryland forecast. >> good morning, it's going to be a cool day, relative for august. temperatures in the 70s, as we look at the forecast. you will see the chance for some showers. it's not going to be raining all day and i think the computers are over doing it. we start with temperatures in the 60s to around 70 this morning. as we go through the morning hours, we can't rule out a spotty shower or two.
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lunchtime, we are talking temperature from the upper 60s to lower 70s. this afternoon. spotty showers, temperatures won't be high, low to possibly mid-70s and annapolis only 71 there at 4:00. >> maryland, overall, not looking too bad. happy tuesday to you. let's get started with a live shot here. he we'll switch it over to connecticut and bradley boulevard. here's a live look from sky 9's view of the beltway in maryland right now. it looks like the outer loop, slowing down between university and georgia and we are getting a report of an accident on the inner loop at route 1 college park. it's 6:09. good tuesday morning. "9 news" now will be right back. kç18?ñ÷pg
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>> back an "9 news" now at 6:11, people living in frederick, don't be alarmed if you hear gunshots. the city is trying to scare thousands of star lings with a bird gun. don't worry, the gun only fires blains. officials are firing the gun each evening through wednesday. the city is trying to move the birds because they are noisy and they leave behind quite a mess. >> when you call 9-1-1, you don't expect a busy signal. that's exactly what happened to hundreds of calling during one of the huge thunderstorms, including callers trying to get help for a man hit by lightening. chains are being demanded. >> reporter: a crew is only now getting around to removing the
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huge tree where it was hit by lightening. fellow picnickers had taken cover during the intense storm on july 25th and after the thunder passed, they found the gardener and community activist unconscious under the tree. dennis started cpr while his friends desparately tried to reach 9-1-1. >> we could hear them saying "i can't get through, it's busy." >> carl's friends finally gave up on getting ahold of 9-1-1. they drew him in the back of an s.u.v. and drove him to the hospital two miles away. he died two days later. montgomery county emergency call center, managers suggested that the nine or so call takers on duty were simply overwhelmed. they suspect hundreds of calls ended with busy signals. but call takers handled 391
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calls in the space of an hour. >> even if we had 100 given the call volumes that come through on a mainly event like this storm, i cannot guarantee you there would not be busy signals. >> carl would want this system fixed. >> reporter: the call center hoping new technology would help. they are encouraging people to use nonemergency numbers. think pathfinder you call 9-1- 1, is the situation really an emergency. >> reporter: are you stealing help from someone who really needs it. >> 9-1-1 managers say they are depending on technology put together in the 1970s. they say systems need a huge infusion of cash to get them up- to-date. >> the temporary halt on deep water drilling will remain in place at least for a few more months. the interior department
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enacted in the interior department in april and reissued in july. >> >> the fda believes there are no additional farms involved in the massive egg recall and the agency does not expect the number of eggs contexas a&m fated with salmonella to grow. meanwhile, house energy and commerce committee is investigating the two farms in the outbreak. >> more than 120 people in theodore, alabama taken to the hospital for breathing problems from an amonia leak. four people were admitted to intensive care, but officials say the injuries are not believed to be life- threatening. between 400 and hundred gallons after of amonia leaked out from the nearby chicken processing plant. crews eventually plugged the leak.
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>> i have some relatives in alabama. i don't know people in theodore. it's going to be cool today, not much in the way of shower activity. i expect we will see a few shower, not a lot of rain, a quarter-inch or less and temperatures are held in check. going back 12 hours, will you see some showers yesterday evening and overnight in maryland. those have since really moved west and fallen apart and right now, you have to go toward it shenandoah area. i do expect with the daytime heating that we'll see some showers bubble up. your forecast on the weather
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computer. we have temperatures, struggling, cloud cover, east, northeast wind. temperatures, maybe upper 70s anticipate a couple of of showers here and there, keep the umbrellas handy. 69 now, mostly cloudy and we have code green air quality. that's on the plus side. moms like me forecast, a few showers, very few showers out west. mid-60s to low 70s. the sun is coming up in 14 minutes at 6:30. showers, maybe a rumble of thunder out to our west and in virginia. temperatures running in the low to mid-70s, as high as 77 with a northeast wind 12-miles an hour. tonight, a few showers possible this even, otherwise, mostly cloudy, comfortable. upper 50s to mid-60s and it's comfortable now. we have 60s up north. culpepper and leesburg, 66. on the bay, will lou anne --
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winds east, northeast at 15, that's a brisk flow off the atlantic. a cool flow for us. we have an upper low on top of us, here, helping to produce the showers this morning. to our south and southern virginia, north carolina. he yes stuff is off shore. the flow out of the northeast keeps us kind of socked in with the clouds, that's why we think temperatures will stay in the 70s, however tomorrow as the system pulls away, we'll see more sunshine and that will allow temperatures to get back at least until the low 0s. seven-day forecast, temperatures after today, back in the 0s, low 0s, more sunshine comes our way. low 90s, again, hot on monday. it's 6:17. speaking of hot are how is our traffic? >> not so hot. i don't know how you would gauge it. overall, i'm going to accept it and say pretty satisfying.
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we only have one mainly tieup to tell you about. route 1 college park. taking away a right lane, slow from new hampshire to georgia avenue. crane highway, all of this checking out okay. no major tieups to report. typical volume that we see shortly after the 6:00 hour. our next stop, 95 heading northbound in virginia, actually, i believe, this is a live shot from the outer loop, is that correct? a live shot of the outer loop conditions we talked about earlier, 95 in virginia. i want to take you there so we can switch over to that camera. this is probably our heaviest delay. we are dealing with a slow go making your way up toward the mixing bowl. finally, we'll take you toward our travel times, heading eastbound from the fair grounds county parkway to the beltway. 13 minutes, but growing. 14 minutes and getting longer
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from 395 to the toll road and approaching the 11th street britain. taking drivers seven minutes. now, back to you. >> we want to remind you about a very important campaign here at wusa9, the great hangup, an effort to get everyone to stop using their cellphones while they are driving. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on the cell phone or while texting, we would love to tell your story on the age. go to our website or call 202- 895-5960. >> few would argue that traffic around here can be quite a pain, but we have never had to deal with anything like this. imagine a traffic jam stretching for 60-miles and lasting for nine days. that was the problem facing motorists in beijing, china. the cars only moved a half mile a day. traffic has since cleared up some, however, the construction
6:20 am
project that caused the mess is expected to last until sometime next month. >> you can expect delays, hopefully, not like the ones in china if you are going through leeburg. dominion power crews will be working along power lines between 9:00 this morning and 3:30 this afternoon. crews will be installing lines for the new substation. drivers should expect delays of at least 15 minutes. >> up next, steven strasberg is heading back to the disabled list. could that be an end to his season? that's coming up in sports at 6:20. i do the cooking, the shopping, shuttling the kids around.
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good morning, everybody, if you paid a carpenter $5,000 to
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build a deck and you department do the job are you would take him to court. now, imagine that you paid $21 million and not only did he not build the deck, he called a press conference to tell everybody how big a jerk you are. >> monday that is what is going on with albert hanesworth. monday, coach mike called him in. >> i'm not going to go through the communication i had a conversation to albert. it was completely ridiculous. >> right now, we accept that he is going to say some things until he realizes we need to move forward and be a team many it's going to continue to happen. >> reporter: the team dealing with the first batch of serious injuries. donovan mcnabb missed monday's practice with a protective boot.
6:25 am
>> starting safety moore had knee surgery. he will miss four to six weeks. that's this morning's sports, i'm brett habre. >> steven spraysberg strasberg out of rotation. team doctors saw something in his mri results and decided to make the move. >> strain and after the mri art gram have more information, due diligence, we'll know just which course to take after this. >> the team expects to conduct the mri in the next day or two. >> up next. this woman became a stick in the mud, literally. how long she had to wait for rescues is coming up. >> it's coming up on 6:26 as well. here's angie with the latest on the rush hour.
6:26 am
>> maryland, route 1 college park take away the right lane and drivers slowing down approaching scene. howard. >> angie, the clouds are thick, thankfully, it's not raining, we'll talk about the threat for rain and what you can expect for the rest of the afternoon temperature rise. "9 news" now this morning will return, right after this.
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morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. >> caught on tape, at 6:30, a woman rescued after being trapped in a creek. it happened in north colorado springs, colorado. she was hiking with her friends, one of the men got stuck in the mud and in helping him get out, the woman became trapped herself. the woman didn't have a cell phone. it took a few hours to get help. she was finally freed and is okay this morning. >> thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roan. meteorologist howard bernstein is here with your forecast so you don't get caught unaware. >> upper levels of the atmosphere, unsettled and with daytime heating, a few degrees. >> let's go back a few showers,
6:31 am
seeing the radar from last night through this morning. showers to the east of us eastern driving to the east, those have dissipated, even around the metro, they have fallen apart. we are looking at showers at charlottesville. they are not moving much. temperature wise, low to mid- 60s, 59, 69 at national, 70 at southern maryland, 72 in fredericksburg. what we are looking at, today, cool with a couple of showers, by noon, chance of a shower, 74, cannes of a shower, 76 with code green air quality. >> coming up at 6:30, time for traffic. >> we are following the one tieup. route 1, college park. right now, we know it it is taken away right shoulder. all lanes getting by. you will see the stretch of yellow. the slow go between new hampshire and georgia avenue. as we take you outside to 270,
6:32 am
we are below speed tracking the lights, no incidents along the way, virginia, didn't forget about you, 66 heading eastbound, a lot of congestion from the car wreck. 234 up towards 2 and you will slow down around route 50 making your way towards nuttily. finally, to wrap things up, 394 heading eastbound, stacked in two spots from the beltway to begin with and from the pentagon where we have the new traffic pattern in place. it's blocking the left center lane. andrea, that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. >> police in montgomery county are looking for a rapist that struck at a senior living center in germ mantown. the victim is an 86-year-old woman. kristin fisher joins us with more on the search for a suspect. kristin. >> that's right, andrea, it makes the story even crazier. this is the sec time this
6:33 am
summer that an elderly woman inier mantown has been raped. two mons ago, a 6-year-old woman was actually assaulted in her sleep and it happened less tan a mile away from the scene of this crime. now, montgomery county police say they are currently investigating whether or not those two crimes are connected. here is what happened. the most recent incident took place very early saturday morning. the suspect broke into the victim's apartment at the churchill senior living center in germantown through an unlocked window. she is 86 years old, but her alleged rapist is more than 60 years her junior between the ands of 18-25. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries, but residents at that senior center say their secure safety has been shattered. residents say someone stole a computer from an open window from the same 6-year-old woman
6:34 am
a year ago. if that's not bad enough, the security system has been disabled for the past two weeks at the main entrance, due to an apparent lightening strike. >> there was nothing. it was completely open, when they came and fixed it, another storm came and knocked it out again. i don't know what the problem is, they can't seem to get it fixed. >> if you are looking for safety and you can't have it, what's the use of being here. yesterday, "9 news" now tried to contact the churchill senior living center in germantown to ask them about the ongoing security concerns that so many residents there have. so far, they have declined our request for an interview and declined any comment at this point in time. andrea. >> kristin, thank you. >> massy energy has been cited for another are violation at their upper branch mine in virginia. it claimed 29 lives in april.
6:35 am
the company said a box of explosives stored improperly was stored there. massy said the explosives had nothing to do with april's deadly blast. >> 6:35, time for another living smart story. jessica doyle joins us with what may be bad news. >> reporter: this is a sign of the times, business and personal bankruptcies way up locally. statistics from the administrative office of the u.s. court show bankruptcy filings wept up nearly 36% in the year that ended june 30th. the increase was more than 20%. there were more than 29,000 individual and business bankers cases filed in maryland during that period. mortgage fraud is on the rise again. according to the research firm, losses for mort began fraud ranging from identity theft to false fyeed credit reports
6:36 am
reports surgeoned. nearly 10% of credit reports contained false information. >> the price of coffee is about to go up. experts -- mr. . >> thank you, jessica. >> coming up on "9 news," now with the top arm back on disabled list, could the nats come through with a win? we'll show you highlights of last night's game. >> first, at 6:37, howard has a look at virginia's weather. >> we will start with live
6:37 am
doppler net hd. virginia, you have a couple of showers. out towards the park. shenandoah seeing showers slowly drift. as we look at the forecast for virginia, today, temperatures with a chance of a shower here and there start off in the upper 60s and they don't move much. even by noon, we are on the 70- degree mark with showers here and there. as you go through the afternoon with thick cloud cover and a few showers maybe rumble of thunder, temperatures will hold in the low to mid-70s. we are warming up, i'll have those details in a few. right now, here's angie. >> all right, let talk about your traffic in virginia. route 50 at patrick henry drive. from arlington into the district. a good amount of traffic. no incidents along the way, taking it of to route 7, tyson's corner, typical volume.
6:38 am
no major incidents toward international drive. come fly with me, gw parkway. to the 14th street beige bridge. it looks like you still have your lanes pretty much open. 6:38 is your time. right now. we'll be right back. mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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at 6:42, we go to the top of charts. this morning, the hottest search topics on google. com. number one, rather strange is the word ignoramus. no clue on why people are looking it up. and, fo's -- in third place, newly crowned miss universe from mexico. 4th is "who's afraid of virginia wolf" which aired last night on tcm.
6:43 am
we go to harry smith. he talks about what is ahead on "the early show." >> go on, harry. >> reporter: the big story, tiger woods divorce. how much was the settlement a live report. >> h2o and shedding pounds, find out why the two really go hand in hand and a nine-year- old saves his little brother from near death, but he doesn't think he is a hero. we'll tell you why as the whole family joins us live for an exclusive interview, all of that and more coming up on "the early show."
6:44 am
>> one the physical changes common among pregnant women. also, having to buy larger bra sizes. >> angie and her husband, a dentist, wanted to figure out how they would answer people's questions before they let out their secret. >> we got married and we figured it out and now we are having a baby. we are if it together. >> reporter: when did you decide you are going to spill? >> when i realized this thing was not going to stop growing and i couldn't hide it any more. >> reporter: she confided in her co-worker. >> i felt like i could vent. i felt like i asked parenting
6:45 am
questions or rookie mom questions. >> reporter: and then angie noticed something on google. >> i noticed in my blog, the largest search terms was "angie got pregnant" and i remember -- and sending it to andrea. look at the number one search term. people know. >> we knew. >> and a couple of producers said they knew as far back as april because i stopped drinking coffee and i had gone to decaf. >> ian muhimmi blogging about my pregnancy and i'm video blogs as well. >> congratulations, we can't wait to see the little girl.
6:46 am
>> this is going to be great. >> let's go to howard, who is giving daddy advice as well? >> mine is 10, now and i remember those days like they were 10 years ago. let go and talk about the radar of the past hour. you notice the showers, they are gone. the showers around the metro, gone, but we still have them out to the west. want to go to live doppler hd. zooming in. temperatures will struggle with the cloud cover. a chance of a shower this afternoon. most of the time, i think it will be dry, air quality code green. that's good and the temperatures, normal high is
6:47 am
85. >> a few showers west of town. this afternoon. cloudy and mild, a couple of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. 71-77. with a northwest wind. tonight can't rule out evening showers. north winds five to 10-miles an hour. subpoenas set, likely won see it. here in down, a brisky breeze at 15. a dew point in the 60s. with an upper low, it's going to feel more like fall, today with occasional showers, heavy stuff to our south andly flow, thanks to the low off cape code
6:48 am
and high pressure there tomorrow, once we say good-bye to the showers, look how more sunshine will be with us tomorrow, that means temperatures will respond and i ebb pet temperatures back in the low 0s, we'll warm up of danielle in the atlantic. category 2 will be a fish storm. look at thursday and friday, low 0s, weekend sunny, mid-to upper 0s, hot again monday, back to 92 we have an dent off
6:49 am
to the shoulder, traffic still getting by at a pretty decent pace. beltway in maryland. no real changes here and on the inner loop, we still have the crash activity taking away the left shoulder. moving it below the district. that's where we are at speed. 495 in virginia, slowing down, right now between route 50. finally, we'll wrap it up where the main delay stretches toward 44. that's your traffic. an korea, back to you. >>
6:50 am
>> the coach has said if hanesworth does not practice, he will not play. >> hernandez struggled against the cubs last night, allowing seven runs in just over four innings. nats would go on to lose it. >> still to come, the two dc police officers who pulled a man from a burning car get a special treat from dc police. "9 news" will be right back after this. it's 6:15.
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in the news, 6:53, osha seaworld now faces fines of $75,000 for three violations from osha.
6:54 am
a woman was killed if february when she was grabbed by a killer whale and dragged under water. >> victims of minnesota's 2007i35w britain collapse will share more than $52 million. that's how much an engineering firm who consulted on the bridge agreed to pay in a lawsuit. they accused the firm of ignoring warning signs. the firm say they didn't know about it. >> he we may see a few showers this afternoon. cloudy and cool for this time of the year, your warmer seven- day forecast and angie will have another look at traffic when "9 news" now returns. it's pain relief without the pills.
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the two dc police officers credited with saving a pan's were treated to a big thank you. the officers pulled a man from this burning car in southeast washington over the weekend. the driver lost control of his car, hit two other vehicles. it flipped over, burst into flames. a witness captured it all on the cell phone and last night, police chief give them tickets to the national's game, unfortunately, bad game. >> i said "somebody give me an ax." i bashed in the window and he helped me to bash in the window. >> we reached in. i think my clothes were on fire. i'm pretty sure yours was. >> the driver of the car sured 3rd degree burns. i just like going to the game for the experience of that's what they had, a great experience and a wonderful thank you. >> yes.
6:59 am
way to go. >> heading westbound, we have an accident at 197. ist off to the right shoulder, all lanes of traffic getting by. you are slow at 301 crane highway. beltway, inner loop accident college park, not causing in he problems out here, it looks like the outer loop is still slow from 95 over to georgia. 395, you are slow from the beltway to seminariry and crossing the 14th street bridge. >> cloudy with shower out to our west. mid-70s, low 80s with a slight chance of a shower and a nice stretch of weather as we heat up. >> "the early show," checking on the chilian mine disaster. >> our next newscast is at noon. until then, get your latest, news weather and traffic at usa. com.


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